Everyone loves to have a peaceful time at home and keep unwanted noise from invading his or her home. However, it is not possible for everyone to have a home away from a high traffic zone, frequent sirens, loud neighbors, etc. Therefore, it is wise to be proactive and get your home soundproofed.

The demand for soundproofing has increased since the majority of people have given up carpeting for tiled and wooden flooring. Such flooring acts as a great sound conductor. Soundtect produces sound panels are the most contemporary and effective option for soundproofing.



1. They are made out of recycled material

Soundtect is a very socially responsible company. This reflects in the materials it uses to produce acoustic panels. These sound panels are made out of recycled material that comes from its parent company’s residual material.

2. They are eco-friendly

Soundtect acoustic panels are environmental friendly. They are essentially made out of soft cotton fabric that does not have any toxic content in it. This cotton fabric absorbs sounds significantly and makes your home a haven.

3. They are unique in design

These noise reduction panels from Soundtect are unique and original in design. They are well thought and designed to suit the contemporary customer. Soundtect has a dedicated team of designers who strive to create the most aesthetically pleasing and fine-tune designs to make sure customers fall in love with what they receive.

4. They are useful for various spaces

These acoustical sound panels can beautify and soundproof your home at the same time. They can also be used for commercial purposes. These panels can lighten Melamine Foam up your office and make it a desirable place to work in. Moreover, they are ideal for restaurants, hotels and clubs.

5. They are available in a variety of colors

These noise reduction panels are available in both bright and muted colors to match your specific requirements. One of the best things about these sound panels is that they can be painted to match or contrast the color of your room.

6. They are available in exceptional designs

Soundtect sound panels are available in ten different designs. Each one of the designs is a piece of art in itself that is a remarkable sight. They include Tetris, Morse Code, Asphalt, Twig, and Prism. Each design is well thought keeping in mind different sort of customers.

Soundtect sound panels are an ideal choice for soundproofing your home or workplace with style.

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